• Douglas manufactures hermetic connectors, wires, feedthroughs and pin headers. Its products are engineered for harsh environments, primarily high-pressure and vacuum applications. Douglas provides end-to-end solutions for its customers and serves a variety of end markets including space, power distribution, air conditioning and refrigeration, semiconductor, electricity transmission, aerospace, military and medical(1). For more information please visit

  • Richards is a manufacturer of regulators, valves and other flow control products. Its products are marketed under a series of distinct brands, each of which serve unique applications that require precise technical attributes. Richards serves a range of end markets including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, petrochemical and various industrial processing industries(1). For more information please visit

    • Equilibar specializes in precision fluid control for the most challenging applications in research and industry. The company works collaboratively and creatively with scientists and engineers around the world on innovative solutions to complex problems. Its patented dome-loaded, multiple orifice back pressure regulators are able to perform in situations where traditional valves and regulators cannot and are often used in groundbreaking research and emerging technologies. Equilibar products are used in a broad range of industries, including catalysis, fuel cells, aerospace, biopharma, and green energy.

    • MBF is a full line of sanitary diaphragm, diverting and sampling valves. The valves are sold into pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, health, beauty and food & beverage markets. The product line is a complementary addition to the Steriflow family of sanitary products.

  • Sentech designs and manufactures position sensors that are used in harsh environments. Its products are engineered for demanding applications that require precision and reliability. Sentech’s products are installed globally across end markets that include power generation, aerospace & defense and a diverse range of industrial applications(1). For more information please visit